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MAREEMs is a Thai Alternative Rock/Post-Punk/New Wave band with 80s-90s music style which has a total of 5 members consisted of Nattapong Thongpook (Vocal, guitar), Jirapong Sitthi (Guitar), Chanwut Taechasai (Bass), Hutsanai Soparuk (Drum), Chatwut Supradit (Keyboard).


Their beginning took place in 2016 when the band started out as a night time musician at Pentatonic Rock Bar
in Chiang Mai. Golf (vocal, guitar) and Tan (Drum) invited Joe (Guitar) and Max (Bass) to join the band
, then they have own sound.


They began to make their own music with an inspiration, since their chemistry and Passion are similar.
The band had a chance to try something new over and over again until becoming a unique sound.

So, they communicated the song under the name MAREEMs, which from the name of the town 'Mae Rim'in Chiang Mai.

Most of their songs are related about life experience, love and politics in the own ways by using English
so that the audience can understand in wide range of what they are presenting.



Nattapong Thongpook (Vocal, guitar)

Jirapong Sitthi (Guitar)
Chanwut Taechasai (Bass)

Hutsanai Soparuk (Drum)

Chatwut Supradit (Keyboard)

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